How To Become a Millionaire in Your 20’s Without Selling Your Soul

How to become a millionaire In Your 20’s Without Selling Your Soul (Vlog 1)

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Honestly, I really just want us all to live now & die free, and I see becoming a millionaire as a way for me to ensure I can afford to partake in all that life has to offer, without worrying about the usual ties that tend to hold us backā€¦

This is the kick off to my vlog, which follows the life of an entrepreneur on his way towards success and total fulfillment in life.

This story actually starts back in summer of 2013 when I first graduated college and struck off on my own path towards wealth, love, happiness, & respect.

Millionaire Rd

In spirit of the title here are 9 habits of people who become rich:

1. They don’t make choices–they create choices.
2. The voice in their heads is louder than every other voice they hear.
3. They believe that how they play the game truly is more important than whether they win or lose.
4. They enjoy succeeding through others.
5. They don’t need to be disciplined, because they can’t wait to do all the things that bring them closer to achieving their goals.
6. They don’t want to simply gain a skill and then live a routine.
7. They’re fans of other successful people.
8. They’re willing to start a movement of one.
9. They think, “Why not me?”

Alright my friend, its ours for the taking.
Live now, die FREE…


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How To become a millionaire